Levi | 8 months

Smiles or Tears?

When dealing with kiddos of all ages and personalities I truly never know what attitude I might get in a session. Moms are always super worried about their kid “cooperating” for photos but let me tell ya it doesn’t always work that way. We can plan around nap time and feeding schedules but sometimes those little ones just aren’t having it for whatever reason. That’s what we thought about Levi this weekend after trying everything to get those smiles he wasn’t feeling the photos. After some cuddles he falls asleep and we improvise. A short 10 minute nap and he is wide awake and giving us all the smiles. Ultimately his session was an adorable success.

Don’t worry Moms

So remember moms, if your child isn’t a huge fan of photo shoots he/she is not the only one. We all do what we can and usually the end result is something you will cherish forever. The important thing is to keep the energy up with little pressure on the child. Keep it light, keep it fun and stay relaxed.  If you can remember a time your child didn’t completely cooperate for photos share the story in the comments!! We love to hear about those not so perfect sessions.

Side by side of Levi’s newborn session to his 8 month session. Leave some ❤ if you think this is the sweetest thing you’ve seen all day.


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