Elex & Megan

Okay, if you don’t love this session there is something wrong with you… probably not but let’s go with that. I have been working towards focusing on the art in my photography all while still capturing moments as they happen. Megan and Elex did a great job of being in the moment during their session and they were not afraid to go with whatever was inspiring me. Thanks Meg and Elex, can’t wait for your wedding day and good luck in North Carolina.



Tylaina | Senior

I can’t believe this girl is a senior. I hope you are currently enjoying your first day of senior year. I am loving how your senior photos turned out. So much moody sass going on, complemented by a beautiful smile. Like, comment and share if you agree!

Morrill Wedding

Like I said previously, you can just see the happiness of this awesome couple shining through each of these photos. Last weekend I had the honor of capturing Mr. & Mrs. Morrill’s special day. When I first pulled up to the church and a funeral service was wrapping up I had wondered if I was at the right church. Eventually I found the bride to be downstairs with all her girls preparing for this special day. The first look with the bride and groom is included in the gallery below. I encourage you to check it out. I also challenge you to try not to smile when looking at the joy on the grooms face.

The wedding party was stacked with family and close friends, there was no doubt the whole party was excited to celebrate Kobie and Kayla on this day. With a few jokes here and there the day was filled with smiles and laughter. It was clear by the peaceful smiles on all the parents faces that the day was perfect and they were overjoyed to add to their families. Thanks for letting me capture these moments. I truly love the job I have because of families like this one.

Mr. & Mrs. Wilke

Wade and Trina’s beautiful day was perfectly personalized to fit what the couple had in mind for the day. I love when you can feel the couples style in every detail. When I first met Wade and Trina I could tell they had a vision for their wedding day and from what I could see that vision was spot on. They are the kind of people that like the simplicity in life, things like their little cottage home, their fur babies, and their beautiful land are what bring them happiness every day. Together they have all they need. Congratulations Wade and Trina. Your day was so special.




Chloe | Senior

Spent an evening last week capturing Chloe’s senior photos and as I was waiting for her to choose what shoes and jewelry to wear with her outfits I noticed a photo of her when she was young. It’s crazy how fast time passes. That photo is how I best remember her, as a little girl with a beautiful smile. Let me tell you she is no little girl anymore but her beauty still shines in the photos captured below. Keep it up Chloe and have a killer senior year.

Levi & RaeAnn

Beautiful evening spent with Levi and RaeAnn. I think every couple that I photograph starts their session telling me they are very awkward and unphotogenic in most photos. It never fails, by the end of the session the couple is posing together with little direction and looking completely natural. I love how these photos turned out, so many smiles and feelings captured of the lovely couple. Enjoy the sweet wedding planning journey.


Kennedi | Senior

I had so much fun capturing Kennedi’s senior session from start to finish. We started months ago, sending each other all kinds of inspiration, followed by choosing locations and finally the session. KG  absolutely rocked it and so many of our visions were executed perfectly. A million thanks for forcing me to amp up my creativity. It’s so awesome to have something so fun to remind me why I do what I do.

Between the half naked guy and almost getting stranded in the middle of the fishy lake Kennedi was a real trooper for all of it!!

Andrews Wedding

There is something magical about posting a wedding gallery. I love capturing the dayand all the excitement that comes with it. Then the editing, putting in the personal touches to make a photo really come alive. Finally I get to share, that’s when everything comes together. The way everyone responds to seeing inside any couples special day makes me love my job. Here is a look at Stacey and Dustin’s special day.