About Gina Lee Photography


I am a photographer in west central Minnesota. I started getting interested when I was 15 and by the time I was 18 and graduated high school  I was running my own small business. After high school I attended college at Lake Area Technical Institute for Photography and Marketing. I am currently building my business in my hometown of Graceville, MN. A little fun fact, my studio and house are in the same building, when I first bought the building it was called a shome because it was a shop & a house. I like to call it my studiome for studio & home.

As a photographer my goal is to help you capture the memories you want to remember forever. The best thing about memories is making them…

Remember the smile on your husbands face as you walked down the aisle.

Remember how little your newborns fingers and toes were.

Remember the laughter when your children play together at a young age.

Remember your child’s senior year.

Remember your family/loved ones and the special events you hold dear to your heart.

I will help you capture these memories and many more for you to cherish forever.


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