About Gina Lee Photography


You came here to learn about me. Your wish is my command.

Below are a few random things you might find interesting, not the boring same old same old about me things like, I graduated from Lake Area Technical Institute with an associates degree in Marketing/Management and Photography, or that I am currently running my business in my home town, no I won’t bore you with those details, check out a few things that make me, me!!

Call me crazy but I LOVE Mondays, after a busy weekend or even a slow weekend I love to start fresh on a Monday and get everything in order for the week to come.

Music is everything. It brings me SO much joy. It’s something about someone’s words being so important that they had to be put into song. I’m always imagining the meaning behind the song, hearing the story they are telling. Uh music brings me so much joy, even the sad songs.

Vintage is my thing, while I might not be in total hippie mode I love everything old. Learning the story behind items gets me so excited and I love thinking some day my things could have a story.

I’m engaged to the love of my life and currently planning a wedding of my own. Photographing so many weddings has given me an inside look. Something that I’ve learned is those small details don’t matter so much, make your day how you want it no matter what other people say!

Something I never thought would be true for me is that being alone actually brings me joy. Working alone gives me so much freedom and I’m a little worried about the day I won’t have as much alone time.

That’s all for now. Let me know if you have any questions!!

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