Meet my 2017 seniors.


Maison was so much fun to work with in the studio, and I’m glad we took a trip over to Beardsley to include his snowmobiles in the session, however it was unfortunate that we didn’t get a picture with his towns sign. For some reason it was missing! 😉


Lukas is all about sports so that’s what his session was all about! It was fun to think of new was to do some sports pictures! Thanks for the challenge Lukas, have a great senior year!


Thanks for letting me take your senior pictures Darrin, it was fun to finally meet the guy I always hear so much about. You weren’t the shy guy I thought you would be, thanks for being so easy going. Good luck next year!


Brittany choose to stay warm during her session and did everything in the studio, and I have to admit that it was SO MUCH FUN. We blasted music, used props and danced around making her session so different! Thanks for being so much fun Brittany!


I have never met a senior boy so proud of this home town as Tyler. Tyler you represent our small communities so well, keep it up! Thanks for being so into your senior pictures, I’m so glad we captured everything that makes you so great!


Alex had a cold morning of senior pictures but I’m so glad we got to incorporate his babies (vehicles). There is something about senior boys and their big pickups! I would be proud of it too if I was you Alex, thanks for being a great sport!


During Riley’s session all I could think about is how old we are getting. I kept picturing us in Shelly’s backyard playing kick ball and eating freezes. Riley rocked his senior session and I had fun getting creative with his pictures. Have a great senior year Riley!


Madison is seriously gorgeous, like for real look at her. Big brown eyes and the most innocent smile I have ever seen. Photographing her was so easy, we had a perfect night for her senior session in Ortonville. Have a great year in at Alex tech Madison.


We took Jacob’s senior pictures on an awesome Saturday afternoon, just him and I no mothers or siblings, and I have to say this is not a bad way to take senior pictures. We did what we wanted and everything worked out wonderfully.


Noah is all about shoes (Nike Jordan’s to be exact) it was so fun to incorporate what he enjoys into his senior session. How fun is this picture? Have a great senior year Noah.

Meet my 2016 seniors.

untitled-2573Dylan is a good friend of mine and it was a privilege taking his senior pictures, which he rocked by the way, nothing like goofing around with your friends and getting some pictures taken in the meantime. As you may have noticed Dylan loves his pickup and his dirt bike is a fun past time. In the summer Dylan spends his time down south custom combining. Best of luck to you in the future Dylan!


I think that we can all agree that Raiden’s mullet is flowing!! Raiden’s senior session went great, he is a natural. Raiden loves hunting and riding his dirt bike so of course that a was big part of our session! Great job Raiden, I hope your senior year is going great!


Kayla has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She has touched my life in so many ways. CGB will surely miss her as she is a very active student participating in Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, FCCLA, Student Council, Musicals, and many more activities.  Kayla will be attending SDSU in the fall and will definitely be missed.Keep spreading your kindness everywhere you go Kayla. Have a great senior year.


Jake is a senior at Chokio Alberta High School. Jake is your typical farm kid always going home after school to help his dad on the farm, but he also has a love for working on engines and snowmobiles, something I know nothing about. Taking pictures is something I do know a little about and that is not something he particularly enjoys, however we were able to capture some handsome pictures remembering his senior year.


Kendra Mae Gilsdorf, where do I start, we have been side by side for so many years of our life. We spent every weekend hanging out at Kendra’s house and every summer going on camping trips making memories.  As we have grown older we have found that we both have different interests. While going our separate ways I have always known that I can count on Kendra for anything. Thank you for all the memories, have a great senior year.


Alison Renae Niesen, I had so much fun taking your senior pictures. The beautiful UMM Gardens were a great place to capture your senior pictures. One thing that you might not know about Alison is that she has a beautiful singing voice. I loved having her next to me in choir class. Keep up the good work Alison. Enjoy senior year.


Kenedi is a SENIOR!! She has been waiting all her life for her senior year… to be over! Remember to enjoy the little things Kenedi because I know you will cherish the memories you make with your classmates. It’s so awesome that I have had someone like you in my life for so long and I am so excited for you to join me at LATI in the fall.


Stephanie Findlay, wow this girl is beautiful inside and out. Her smile and giggle could put anybody in a great mood. Stephanie will be attending Lake Area Tech in the fall for Human Services. Can’t wait to be just down the road from you. Enjoy your senior year Stephanie.


Meet Rachel, Rachel is a senior going to school in Ortonville, MN. She loves hanging out with her girlfriends making new memories, and I am honored to be one of those girls. She is truly a good person and an even better friend. We had so much fun capturing her senior pictures together. Have a great year Rachel!

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