Kohen | Newborn

It’s a boy!!

Ok so here is a “sneak peek” of Kohen’s newborn session I mean its practically the whole thing because I could not decide which photos I liked the most so here you go!! I love when moms say, “you know what just do whatever you feel.” because I have been working on getting certain newborn poses down so I was so excited to take the simple route with Kohen to get those poses down and he did so so awesome. We started out with a wrap and ended with a wrap because we all know that’s what makes them the most happy but he did so good and let me do everything I wanted to try out so yayy Kohen!!

Welcome to the world Kohen.

This little guys session was supposed to be in the families home that they have spent the winter building but in the middle of move in week he decided to make his early arrival. So after working a shift at the Ortonville hospital helping other mamas become mamas this mama realized she was maybe in labor, went and welcomed little Kohen to the world and finished moving into the new house a few days later. Talk about a busy week.


Let me know what poses or set ups you like the best because I can’t decide!!

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