Jennifer Jo

Hey guys, meet Jennifer, she was born in the middle of a polar vortex (how classic Minnesota). The first week of her life was spent indoors because of our wonderful Minnesota winter weather but this week she managed to make a trip over to my studio for her newborn session and let me tell ya, she did so awesome giving me little smiles along the way.

I absolutely love looking back and thinking about where my business started. Four years ago I shot my first wedding in Alexandria Minnesota, can you guess who the bride and groom were?? You guessed it, this little girls mom and dad!! About two years later I was shooting my final sessions in my first studio location before moving to my current Graceville based studio. Can you guess who might have been in my old studio two years ago?? Yep, JJ’s big brother Mikey!! Having Jennifer in the studio gave me the chance to look back on not only my business journey but this families little story.

When a potential bride sends me that message inquiring about wedding prices I get so excited because I know the potential our relationship could have. I want to be a part of your life and your future not just your wedding day. Let me capture all those moments from engagement to multiple kids down the road. Trust me you won’t regret it. ❤



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