Day To Day

Hey guys, let’s chat.For those of you who don’t know I’m Gina, I’m the lady behind all the posts, stories and comments. I get to do what I love 365 days a year working full time as a Photographer and Freelance Marketer. My day to day schedule is a lot different then your average. Most of the time my day consists of nothing productive until about 9:00am. At which point I drag my yoga pant, no bra wearing self to my studio office (sometimes couch office). This is where most of my day is spent editing photos, answering emails, listening to my favorite podcasts or Spotify stations as well as so much more. After about 4-6 hours of desk time I venture out to do errands or visit with family. This generally isn’t a long break and I’m either back at my desk or doing house chores. My evening schedule is never predictable, you could catch me in bed at 8:00pm or on my computer until 3:00am. My schedule gives me the flexibility to do what feels right for me and my business. Weekends often consist of shooting, with nearly 20 weddings coming up in 2019 that leaves 32 weekends for senior, family, milestone and newborn shoots. Don’t get me wrong I have weekends set aside for fun with family and friends and my schedule only helps me cherish my weekends off even more.
Soo I bet you’re thinking, man this girl is living the life, doing whatever she wants whenever. Well I’m here to tell you, the job comes with so much more behind the scenes. My schedule may be flexible but I still have to do the work. Something you don’t always here but I know is true for many entrepreneurs is that being self employed is a lonely business. I make all the decisions in my own head and I work several hours straight alone in the studio with no one else to consult with or run ideas by. I often get the question “so you do this full time then?” and I love that my answer can be HEAK YEAH I do this full time.
I’m so glad I could let you guys in on some of the things going on behind the Instagram. If you as an entrepreneur can relate or have something to add let me know. If you made it to the end of my long rant leave a ❤️



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