Wedventure Workshop |Bend, Oregon

Wedventure in Oregon

Hey everyone, thanks for taking an interest in the things I have to say today and every day. I can’t explain how thankful I have been for everyone’s support over the years as I grow my business in my small community. Today I am here to share some exciting news as well as some things I have had to work through in 2019.

I have shared in the past that my business has always been my passion. Never having had a real 8:00 – 5:00 job, Gina Lee Photography is all I’ve ever really known. With this job I get to be a photographer, a graphic designer, a social media marketer, a secretary and so much more. I have always been the kind of person to thrive off of social interaction. I have so many amazing people in my life because of what I do. My clients are like family to me. However the job also comes with a lot of alone time. Some of you may only get through those long work days because of the coworker sitting next to you. I don’t have that option and because of that I went through some lonely days in 2019. Earlier this year I would constantly find myself working 12 hour days without even talking to another human (about something other than work). I was struggling to find happiness in the day to day and I knew I had to do something to break myself out of this negative rut.

I wanted to be inspired again, I wanted to have new goals, I wanted to find new challenges and I wanted to reset my attitude… so I bought a ticket to Wedventure Workshop and a plane ticket to Bend, Oregon. A few weeks later I found myself surrounded by creatives in all different stages of their businesses, sharing what has worked for them, both personality and professionally. I met some amazing creatives and learned a ton of amazing things. I won’t go into a lot of detail about my week in Oregon but I will say, I made life long connections, had tons of memorable experiences and most importantly, I connected with myself and my business again.

After my trip I focused my summer on bettering different aspects of my Gina Lee Photography. Challenging myself and setting new goals. Most of the creatives that I met in Oregon I stay connected with through Instagram. Watching them grow helps me stay inspired every day. ❤


Wedventure is actually a magazine in the Pacific North West. Their workshop consisted of “classes” from experienced photographers as well as styled shoots for us to photograph. From those shoots they would make a bridal magazine with our photographs. I just received my copy this week and it’s full of gorgeous work from the week. Including a few of my photos…

Wedventure asked us not to share too many of our photos so the magazine could have fresh unseen work. I have been holding on to my photos since May and I’ve been dying to share the beauty of our styled shoots.

Day 1 had so many amazing florals and gorgeous models. So in love.

Day 2 of the workshop we had multiple style shoots set up for us at Dillon Falls. Seriously Bend, Oregon is absolutely beautiful.

During one of the classes I learned how to do double exposure from an instructor at the workshop, Anna Caitlin. I’m seriously so obsessed with her work. She is so inspiring.


Anyways, thanks for reading this far. I continue to struggle with balance in my life but I am getting better at setting my priorities. I feel so blessed for all the support. ❤



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