How was it done?

A few of you have been asking how I took this picture. I would love to share with you how this was done.

First think of the camera as an eyeball. Think of the shutter of the camera an eyelid. If you have your eyelid open but it is dark outside you see nothing. Once you have a light (the sparkler) you can see where that light (the sparkler) has been, even in the dark.

The camera could not see me as I was not being lit while I was drawing the heart in the air and walking towards Jake. Once I got the heart drawn and was standing by Jake a flash went off to light us.

During this picture the eyelid (the shutter) was open for about 10 seconds, recording all of the light movement, giving me plenty of time to draw the heart and stand by Jake.

Feel free to ask questions.


Graceville, MN Photographer



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